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11 June 2021

Online Certificate Programme: Migration Governance and Diaspora Engagement

Why this Programme?

29 March 2021

Call for submissions: Empowering Global Diasporas in the Digital Era

A collaboration between Routed Magazine and iDiaspora. A special issue on the theme of ‘Empowering global diasporas in the digital era’ , to be published in June 2021. The deadline for proposals is 23 April 2021.
Abir Soleiman
18 March 2021

Safety, Support and Solution II

Since 2018, the Safety, Support and Solutions (SSS II) programme has been protecting migrants along the Central Mediterranean route, the deadliest route for migrants worldwide, particularly focusing on on victims of trafficking, unaccompanied children, and migrants in very vulnerable situations. Through the SSS II programme, IOM carries out search & rescue operations in the Sahara desert, and so far 35,000 migrants in extremely vulnerable situations has been provided with critical life-saving support.

04 March 2021

Empowering the South American Diaspora as Agents for Sustainable Development

It is estimated that there are more than 10 million emigrants from South America living outside the region, and these do not include second and third generation migrants. All six countries participating in this project have institutions at the sub-ministerial level responsible for engaging with their diasporas, and four of them have policies that address the topic. This is strong evidence of the importance of the diaspora to these countries.

Daphne Henning
21 January 2021

Diaspora for Humanity

Diaspora for Humanity: Developing and Piloting a Framework for Diaspora's Engagement in Humanitarian Assistance

Diaspora organizations provide tremendous added value to humanitarian assistance. Historically, diasporas are key contributors to their countries of origin or heritage through remittances and other financial or in-kind contributions, but their involvement in humanitarian efforts mean so much more.

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