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Migrants and diaspora communities are recognized for their invaluable role in society due to their rich cultural contributions, diverse voices, and their economic contributions to the countries they live in and come from, including philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and innovations. iDiaspora provides a platform to share your voice, to gain knowledge, and to engage with the global community committed to the importance of diaspora.

Global Diaspora Coalition: Message of Solidarity with Victims of COVID-19 Related Xenophobia, Discrimination

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Leaders of diaspora and community organizations from around the world are coming together today to send a clear, unified message of solidarity with those facing xenophobia, discrimination and even violence due to COVID-19. 

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Developing Diaspora Engagement

Flyer with information regarding the European Union Global Diaspora Facility

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Joint Statement in Solidarity with those Facing Xenophobia due to COVID-19

Amid the spread of COVID-19, the world is facing heightened tensions and concerns over the safety and health of individuals, families, and communities. During such trying times, dealing with an information overload, as well as misinformation, has had a large impact on societies, creating division, not only physically, but also based on race and ethnicity.

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