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iDiaspora is a global engagement and knowledge exchange hub for diaspora communities and those looking to engage with them. It provides up-to-date and relevant information to diaspora communities, policy makers, NGO actors, and showcases successful diaspora actions and partnerships.

Diaspora as influencers

Migrants and diaspora communities are recognized by the United Nations as important contributors to development. They play an invaluable role in society through: their economic contributions to the countries that they live in and come from, the cultural heritage and diversity that they bring with them, the charity that they give when their countries, families and friends are hit by crisis, and their entrepreneurship, ability to innovate and create social change.


iDiaspora provides a platform to voice your opinions and propose recommendations on how migration should be governed through the forthcoming Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and beyond. iDiaspora serves as a resource hub that allows you to access diaspora success stories, best practices and relevant policies from around the globe. iDiaspora lets you engage with each other, organizations, experts and institutions and find opportunities to leverage your work.




Becoming a member of iDiaspora will bring your closer with diaspora and expatriate communities globally for sharing your work with others, but also finding inspiration and new opportunities. You will have access to regularly updated news, relevant resources, learning and funding opportunities.


From research to training materials, groups around the world are creating resources for transnational communities. iDiaspora aims to bring together resources from variety of partners in one place in order to help individuals and organisations in diaspora get the information they need to effectively engage as developmental actors in countries of residence and origin. 


There are many ways to give back but its not always easy to find an outlet for our efforts. iDiaspora aims to link those that want to make a difference with concrete opportunities to forge a better future.

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