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Firstly, we would like to wish you and your loved ones safety and security during these complex and challenging times. Though for many of us being far from the ones we love is part of our every day life, the uncertainty in which many of us find ourselves can be madding as policies change day by day both in terms of health sector response and restrictions on physical mobility. One way to keep busy and make the most of this time when we might find our movement restricted is to engage in online learning.

While, we've previously flagged the online course for policy makers on entrepreneurship, which you can find here, we wanted to take this opportunity to share two learning opportunities directed toward those of us working on the ground. Both of these courses have been developed by the International Organization for Migration's office in Rome.

The first is the AMICO Online Training "Project Development and Implementation - A training for migrants' associations". This video course is the result of the work and experience gained by IOM Italy through ten editions of the in person training course Migration Associations for Co-development (known as A.MI.CO. for its initials in Italian). In particular, the course is a collection of theoretical knowledge and practical tools in the field of design and implementation of co-development projects, aimed at strengthening the capacities and skills of migrant associations and consolidating their role as active development agents. The video course is accessible here and you can download the accompanying manual here.

The second course is Doing Business- Practical Guide for migrant entrepreneurs  which presents theoretical lessons and practical examples to learn the basics of business management and is similarly the result of IOM activities in support of migrant entrepreneurship which aims at enhancing the benefits arising from inclusive multicultural enterprises that leverage diversity as an opportunity for growth and to open new markets. The video course is accessible here and you can download the accompanying manual here.

We wish you happy learning and that you keep safe!


Warm regards,

The iDiaspora Team

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