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Zambian Diaspora Survey Report : Feeding into the Development of a Diaspora Engagement Framework for Zambia

This study is intended to create a basis for the development of a framework for the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) to engage the Zambian diaspora in national development efforts....Read more

(FR-IT) Cartographie des flux migratoires des marocains en Italie / Cartografia dei Flussi migratori dei Marocchini in Italia

The document is both in French and Italian. It gives an overview of the Moroccan community in Italy and its evolution over time. More than fifteen years of data is presented....Read more

MTM A dialogue in Action : Linking Emigrant Communities for More Development. Inventory of Capacities and Practices

The joint ICMPD-IOM project “Linking Emigrant Communities for More Development”, of which the main deliverable is an “Inventory of Institutional Capacities and Practices”, should be seen as a part or parcel of multiple initiatives aiming to suppor...Read more

Harnessing the Development Potential of Kenyans Living in the United Kingdom

​The publication builds on the findings from the Kenya Diaspora Investment Forum (KDIF), although it has an exclusively British focus....Read more

A Study on the Dynamics of the Egyptian Diaspora: Strengthening Development Linkages

The main goal of this study is to provide an overview on Egyptian Diasporas, examine avenues for engaging diaspora in the development of Egypt and to recommend policies and programmes to enhance their contribution towards the socio-economic develo...Read more MigApp