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Needs Assessment in the Nigerian Education Sector

The purpose of this needs assessment is to identify skills and competency gaps in the health sector and provide government with recommendations on how the gaps can be addressed....Read more

Mapping of Nigerian Health and Education Professionals in South Africa

The survey is designed to elicit more information about Nigerians living abroad, including their aspirations in the context of contributing to national development and willingness to invest in Nigeria....Read more

Untapped potential: Engaging Basotho diasporas in the South for national development

The report was prepared by Lulessa Abadura, Brigitte Fahrenhorst and Frank Zelazny from EcoDevelopment ‐ Society for International Development Research and Planning Ltd....Read more

Harnessing Knowledge on the Migration of Highly Skilled Women

This summary report of an expert meeting between IOM and the OECD Development Centre, organized in April 2014, aims to promote greater dialogue with and raise awareness among key researchers....Read more

Mapping of Sierra Leonean Health Professionals : in the United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America and Canada

Between September 2012 and October 2013, the IOM commissioned three separate mapping studies of Sierra Leonean diaspora health professionals in United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, and Germany, respectively....Read more MigApp