I.  General Information

Name of host institution

Civil Service Training College of Sierra Leone

Address of host institution

State Avenue Tower Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Name and email address of focal point in host institution

Dr  Pius Kargbo


Background information about host institution

The Civil Service Training College is the only Mandatory Training Institution for the Civil /Public Servants    of Sierra Leone and offers courses at certificate, diploma, and postgraduate Diploma levels in the following disciplines:  Public Administration and Management, Records Management, Information Communication and Technology, Media Studies and Asset Management.

II. Position Information

Duration of assignment

From  9 months

Name and email of supervisor

Principal Civil Service Training College( Dr. M.Y.Bangura)


III. Objectives of Assignment

  • To develop competent Records Officers with knowledge and skills necessary for efficient and effective management of information
  • To provide mechanisms and procedures for ensuring physical including intellectual records and management control in the public sector
  • To ensure CSTC implement the best practice, guidance and procedures for the management of records in public institutions

IV. Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • To identify and mitigate the potential risk of poor information and record management
  • Provide training to ensure document are archived and properly located to maintain integrity and confidentiality
  • Train CSTC personnel, students and civil servants to operate record management system effective and efficiently
  • Provide training to develop an action plan to improve management records and information system including consideration of computerisation
  • Provide training to develop awareness of essential steps involve in automating records management
  • Train civil servant staff to be able to design and implement measures to improve public organisational performance
  • Provide training to create, publish and maintain public institutions retention schedules
  • Train CSTC personnel and other civil servant to be able to produce record for audit and other purposes
  • Provide training on storage, retrieval, disposition of records information assets of public institutions
  • Provide training on international standards of information and record management

V.  Competencies

The resource person is expected to demonstrate the following competencies:


  • Ability to work under  extreme pressure in difficult conditions while maintaining creativity and strategic thinking
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
  • Capacity to Work effectively and harmoniously with colleagues from various professional backgrounds
  • Ability to transfer Knowledge and skills efficiently.


  • Ability to demonstrate media communication skills
  • Adequate knowledge and experience in development of Legal Documents. .
  • Excellent Communication and Negotiations Skills.
  • Excellent training skills
  • Able to live outside the Capital city

VI.  Education and Experience

The expected resource persons must:

  • Have at least a Master’s degree In Integrated Media Studies. Experience or knowledge of  Business Administration and environmental design is an advantage
  • Have proven experience in a related field for at least 3 years.

VII.  Languages

Languages:                                                              Proficiency:

English                                                                                   High

Sierra Leone
Country of Opportunity: 
Sierra Leone
Closing Date: 
Feb 20, 2018