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Join us this Wednesday to form of a Global Diaspora Coalition

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We hope that you and your loved ones find yourselves well during these challenging times. This message is just to reiterate your invitation to join other interested diaspora organizations to form a Global Diaspora Coalition to Combat COVID-19. The formative meeting will take place on this Wednesday 8 July at 16.00 GMT+2 where the priorities and structure of the coalition will be discussed. Join us and lend your voice to shaping this initiative.


Launch of Joint Statement and Global Diaspora Coalition to Combat COVID-19

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It is with great pleasure that we share with you the official launch of the Joint Statement in Solidarity with those Facing Xenophobia due to COVID-19 with around 230 signatories in over 150 countries. As follow up to this initiative the signatories of the joint statement will convene to form a Global Coalition of likeminded diaspora organizations committed to working together to address the challenges arising from the current situation. The first virtual meeting of the Coalition will be organized on 8 July at 16.00 (GMT+2).

Se Habla Español: Final Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange in Spanish Next Week!

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Esperamos que usted y sus seres queridos siguen bien. Como se mencionó en nuestro último mensaje, la próxima semana se llevará acabo el último Encuentro Global Virtual de Diásporas sobre la Respuesta a COVID-19. Este encuentro final tendrá lugar en español y contará con la participación de representantes de la comunidad  latinoamericana y comunidades asiáticos, europeos y otros en España y Argentina.

Appel à tous les francophones! - French and Spanish Global Exchange events coming up!

Cher [utilisateur actuel: nom-champ],

Nous espérons que vous et votre famille restez bien en ces temps difficiles. Sur la base des contributions et des commentaires que nous avons reçus lors du premier Échange Global et Virtuel de la Diaspora sur la Réponse à COVID-19 organisé le mois dernier, nous avons souligné que la barrière de la langue pourrait être un obstacle à l'échange d'expériences et de meilleures pratiques, nous sommes heureux d'organiser Global Événements d'Échange Virtuel de la diaspora en français et en espagnol les 20 mai et 10 juin respectivement.

Invitation to Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange on Response to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic is the first acute global crisis that most of us have experienced in our lifetime and thus calls for new levels of coordination and collaboration. You are invited to take part in this first of its kind Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange on Response to COVID-19  which aims to create a space for collaboration where diaspora groups from different communities can share experiences and best practices as well as to showcase and bring attention to the important work that diaspora groups are already .

Stuck at home? How about some online learning?

Dear [current-user:field-name],

Firstly, we would like to wish you and your loved ones safety and security during these complex and challenging times. Though for many of us being far from the ones we love is part of our every day life, the uncertainty in which many of us find ourselves can be madding as policies change day by day both in terms of health sector response and restrictions on physical mobility. One way to keep busy and make the most of this time when we might find our movement restricted is to engage in online learning.

Got Entrepreneurship? This free online course can help you promote it.

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Slowly our catalogue of online courses is expanding and we are very excited about our latest addition on entrepreneurship developed by our partners in the United Nations. Four UN agencies have joined efforts to develop the e-learning course Entrepreneurship for Migrants and Refugees which aims at strengthening the competences required by policymakers and practitioners for overcoming some of the challenges to and understanding the benefits of promoting entrepreneurship as tool for sustainable development.

A New Tool for a New Year!

Dear [current-user:field-name],

Firstly I'd like to wish you all a great start to 2020 and to thank you for your patience as we continuously work to better serve you and your community! Here at iDiaspora we are starting the new year with new energy to bring you useful tools to help you support your communities at home and abroad. One such tool we are very pleased to share with you is a Diaspora Quick Start Guide designed to help those that would like to give back but simply don't know where to start or don't believe they can make a difference.

Do you want to learn how to develop successful projects?

Dear Anonymous,

We know that developing successful projects is at the same time crucial to the work of many migrant and diaspora associsations and also one of the greatest challenges they often face. As such, we are very pleased to inform you that the AMICO Online Training “Project Development and Implementation - A training for migrants' associations" is now available on iDiaspora.

https://together.un.org MigApp https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org