Jul 02, 2020 • Tanmoy BISWAS
Every single donation provided to this hospital has a direct impact on some of the most at-risk populations in Somalia
Date Published: 
Jul 02, 2020


The De Martino Hospital is the main referral hospital in Mogadishu for treating COVID-19 patients. The hospital has made an appeal for urgent help to support hospital staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

#SomaliaResponds is a movement for diaspora communities to support COVID-19 response and recovery efforts in Somalia. 

Together, we can support the hospital to prepare and respond to the escalating health care needs.

Somalia, like many other countries, is facing an unprecedented challenge in meeting the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare workers at De Martino Hospital, the country’s main public hospital designated for treating COVID-19 patients, do not have the adequate equipment and supplies to treat patients and keep themselves safe.

“Every day we serve 120 -150 patients and provide them with health services free of charge including one month of any necessary medicine. The international community and Somali people living overseas can have a critical role in the mitigation of COVID-19 in Somalia,” says Dr. Abdiaziz Ali Mohamed, Director of De Martino Hospital and Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) expert who returned to Somalia in 2018.

Act now and DONATE today to help Somali frontline health workers prepare for and respond to COVID-19 cases. Together we can make it through this pandemic.
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