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Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
Apr 23, 2020 • Roberto Gil CANCEL COMAS
Date Published: 
Apr 23, 2020

On 22 April 2020 the first of its kind Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange on Response to COVID-19 took place bringing together diaspora groups and individuals from around the globe. The event page can be found here: https://idiaspora.org/event-calendar/global-diaspora-virtual-exchange-response-covid-19. The Virtual Exchange event boasted the participation of over 170 individuals from African, Asian, and European diaspora communities around the world and proved to be a forum for lively discussions and inspiring presentations. The event was opened by the IOM Director General, Mr. António Vitorino, who highlight the important role of diasporas in responding to emergencies. 

"The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global emergency that calls for everyone’s contributions and new levels of coordination and collaboration on a global scale," Mr. Vitorino said, "and thus provides an opportunity for diaspora communities to demonstrate their ability to respond effectively in the most challenging of situations."

The object of the Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange was twofold. First, as the name implies, the aim will be to create a space for diaspora groups from different communities to share experiences and best practices in order to maximize their impact within their eorts to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Secondly, the Virtual Exchange will try to showcase and bring attention to the important work that diaspora groups are already doing on the ground in order to encourage policymakers and practitioners to strengthen their collaboration and support to such efforts.

In order to maximize opportunities for virtual exchange, a number of different channels will be made available to participants. In addition to the Virtual Exchange Event, diaspora groups and individuals are invited to share examples of successful interventions, best practices, and opportunities for collaboration through the iDiaspora forum. Two topics for further exchange and discussion have been opened within the iDiaspora forum, and we remain open to facilitate ongoing communication as follows:

In addition, a recording of the Virtual Exchange Event is available, here: https://idiaspora.org/file/global-diaspora-virtual-exchangemp4, and in the coming weeks, a summary of the main proposals on a way forward will be shared on iDiaspora as well. The proposals touched on many aspects including regular gatherings focusing on specific topics or regions as well as establishing repositories of success stories and best practices such as the forum above.

For more information on the event or to find out how you can get involved please don't hesitate to reach out to the iDiaspora Team at idiaspora@iom.int.

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