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Firstly I'd like to wish you all a great start to 2020 and to thank you for your patience as we continuously work to better serve you and your community! Last year was a time of many changes for our team here at iDiaspora and we are starting the new year with new energy to bring you useful tools to help you support your communities at home and abroad. 

One such tool we are very pleased to share with you is a collaboration between iDiaspora and the International Organization for Migration's project to engage young members of diaspora called Look Forward Give Back. Together we have created a Diaspora Quick Start Guide to help those that would like to get involved in addressing the issues that affect their communities of origin but simply don't know where to start or don't believe they can make a difference. The Quick Start Guide is a one page step-by-step introduction to the basic stages of transnational engagement to help demystify the process and give newcomers and youth tips and tricks to overcome the initial doubts we all have when first reaching out beyond our comfort zone. You can read more about the Quick Start Guide here: https://idiaspora.org/blog/6-steps-getting-engaged and its available in two different versions to download for free here: https://idiaspora.org/resources/iom-diaspora-quick-start-guide so you can share it among your networks and with colleagues, friends, or family that want to give back.

We hope this simple tool will help you share your passion for creating positive change and inspire a new generation of activists to work toward a better future for our communities across the globe.


Wishing you a very fruitful and impactful New Year!

The iDiaspora Team

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