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On 11 March, World Health Organization officially declared Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) a pandemic. Since the outbreak began, as of 3 April, more than 1 million cases and over 58,000 deaths have been reported in 204 countries and territories. The impact of the current global pandemic is affecting every aspect of life from health, economies, and even basic social interactions. In response to this unprecendented global crisis, individuals and organizations are jumping into action individually and collectively and diaspora are often the first to respond, however, lack of communication between diaspora communities and between diasporas and other public and private actors often results in interventions that do not account for previous experiences, lessons learned, and do not leverage possible partnerships, thus not maximising the full potential of such initiatives.

Through this forum we want to​ create a space to foster cooperation and collaboration sharing existing needs and opportunities to create partnerships that could contribute to address these needs and existing gaps. Concretely, if you have an idea for an intervention but you need support to get it off the ground or if you have an existing initiative which you wish to expand or replicate or simply need some additional support, you can post it here. Please include a description of the intervention, what kind of support, cooperation, or partnership you are looking for and, if available, links to your organization's or intervention's website where potential colaborators could find more information



SASTA is the society for the advancement of science and technology in the Arab World.

We are a network of Arab scientists around the world who want to collaborate in various sectors including research, services, mentoring and consulting

Diaspora humanitarians research

Thought this piece might be of interest: https://shabaka.org/diaspora-humanitarians-who-are-they/. 

Looking to support research

Message from Rumbidzo:

I am a Zimbabwean student studying Governance economics and development in the Netherlands, and very willing to participate in development research and support. Please contact me if you need any assistance rdsdanga@gmail.com

African Women's Virtual Summit Related to COVID-19

Message from Bathupe Bhatupe Mhango :

I am a Malawian lady in Switzerland planning an African women virtual summit related to Covid-19. Looking for collabs, speakers and support. You can email me: watupe@gmail.com

https://together.un.org MigApp https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org