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Country of Opportunity: 
Sierra Leone
Closing Date: 
Feb 01, 2018
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I.  General Information

Name of host institution

Milton Margai College of Education and Technology(MMCET)

Address of host institution

Goderich Campus


Name and email address of focal point in host institution

Christian Abu Sandy


Background information about host institution

MMCET had undergone tremendous transformation since it establishment. it started as a teacher training department and now a polytechnic to a level of granting degree, diplomas’ and certificate in all disciplines. The institution had now change its mode of operation from trimester (three term) system to semester (two term) system.

For more information link the institution on www.mmcet.edu.sl
II. Position Information

Organizational unit/ Department

Lecturer/instructor in Banking and Finance

Commercial department

Duration of assignment

February 2018 to August 2018 ( second semester)

Name and email of supervisor

Mr. Emmanuel Pearce
III. Objectives of Assignment

  • Working within semester system (improve standard)
  • sharing of idea with other staff (staff capacity build up)
  • Develop staff strength
  • Improving on student’s professional knowledge and productivity.
  • Creating students link with opportunities dealing with their field of study.
  • The use of ICT, Research in banking and finance system.

IV. Responsibilities and Accountabilities
Main tasks include:

  • teaching and examine students
  • Research and publication
  • Innovative supervision relating to Banking and Finance services
  • Supervising of students during internship with commercial banks/financial service institution or organisations.
  • Community service to maintain the image of the institution
  • Team staff for training /workshop
  • Any other duties assigned by administration
  • Assist the institution in soliciting necessary aid (instructional materials) to the serving unit/department.

V.  Competencies
The resource person is expected to demonstrate the following competencies


  • Commitment to assignments
  • Ready to work under pressure and obey the head of department calls
  • Coordinate staff & students activities
  • Establish links between students and enterprises /organisations
  • Participate in staff capacity training
  • Facilitate teaching by the use of modern technique & ICT
  • Ability to work as a team and bring in innovative or meaningful contribution.
  • Act as mentor & role mode
  • Must obey the ethical and professional conduct of the institution


  • Excellent in communication skills
  • Utilisation of Wi-Fi
  • Proper use of white board and white board marker
  • Knowledgeable in research work for publication
  • Guide students in relation to career path.
  • Lobby with organisation to accept student with their internship practice
  • Skill in crowd fund raising for the department

VI.  Education and Experience

  • A phd or mphil in commercial related disciplines.
  • A master degree in commercial related disciplines from a recognised tertiary institution.
  • Outstanding first degree in commercial related disciplines from a recognised tertiary institution.
  • Professional training in commercial related disciplines from repeatable tertiary institution.
  • Had practice his/her area of speciality for number of years.

VII.  Languages

Languages:                                    Proficiency:

English                                                            Excellent

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