I.     General Information

Name and Address of host institution

Federal Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Housing, Mogadishu, Somalia

Name and email address of focal point in host institution

Mr Abdullaahi Mohamed Maalim (Farimos)

Phone Number:  +252 619115000                     Email: sa-farimos@mpwr.gov.so

Background information about host institution

The Ministry of Public Works Reconstruction and Housing (MPWRH) is a Federal Government Agency responsible for the planning and delivery of infrastructure such as roads and buildings in addition to policy and the delivery of programmes in regional planning and housing.

However, the Ministry has only recently been reformed after more than 20 years of conflict and the Ministry is still finding its place in a new Federal System of Government which now includes State Governments. Its organisational and technical capacity is low but in recovery.

Ministry website

Facebook page 

II.      Position Information

Organizational unit/ Department

The position is located within the Project Management Team of the Ministry, a team established to coordinate donor projects.

Duration of assignment (max 3 months)

The duration of the assignment is 4 weeks beginning late March 2018.

III.     Objectives of Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to deliver a Strategic Planning Workshop for the MPWRH with the following outputs:

  1. A Strategic Plan for the Ministry (2018 to 2019)
  2. Work Plans for all Departments in the Ministry.

These are critical outputs for the Ministry that will outline the strategic direction of the Ministry in delivering its mandate and answer the fundamental questions of what it does, why does it do it and how it go about achieving its priorities with a focus on the future.

IV.    Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Main tasks include:

  • Review, amend and update the documentation already developed for the workshop (see below).
  • Organise and coordinate presenters, presentations, workshop activities, the development of workshop materials and any other person or document necessary for the workshop.
  • Deliver the workshop according to the agreed workshop plan.
  • be the Lead Facilitator for the workshop over the 3 days
  • guide the Ministry in the preparation of the Strategic Plan and Work Plans post workshop.

Materials already developed for the workshop include:

  • A draft Strategic Planning Agenda;
  • A draft Workshop Plan that outlines all presentations and workshop activities over 3 days;
  • A methodology for delivering each workshop activity; including:
    • criteria for dividing the participants into groups
    • determining the number of groups and facilitators for the group activities
    • developing instructions for group work and formats for group work recording and presentation;
  • A draft table of contents of the Strategic Plan to provide an indication of how the finalized published Ministry Strategic Plan could be structured;
  • A template of a 2018 Work Plan to provide an indication of what such a plan might look like.


The Lead Workshop Facilitator will be assisted by a National Facilitator in the workshop planning, delivery and development of outputs. A small group of Ministry staff will assist in workshop activities on the days of delivery. These staff include a Somali to English Translator who can also assist in translating documents and presentations.

The Lead Workshop Facilitator is to provide mentoring and coaching to these staff so that they can organise and carry out future workshops efficiently and effectively.

The Workshop Agenda includes opportunities for Directors in the MPWRH to make presentations and lead workshop subgroup activities. Guidance, direction and assistance to these Directors would also develop their competencies in these activities and assist them assume greater ownership in the delivery of the Strategic Plan and Department Work Plans. 


The CD4D participant is expected to demonstrate the following competencies:


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, particularly in the Somali context.
  • Ability to perform with professionalism, integrity and commitment to project demands.
  • Resilient to the complex demands for working in a challenging workplace environment.


  • Excellent skills in the planning for and delivery of workshops, particularly in managing speakers, participants and workshop activities.

VIII.   Education and Experience

  • 3 years or more experience in facilitating strategic planning workshops (or similar).
  • University Degree (Master’s Degree equivalent or higher) in related discipline (Communications, Public Administration, Organization Development, Project Management, or other equivalent relevant qualification).

IX.    Language requirements

  • Written and verbal fluency in both English and Somali.
Country of Opportunity: 
Closing Date: 
Mar 07, 2018