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It is with great pleasure that we share with you the official launch of the Joint Statement in Solidarity with those Facing Xenophobia due to COVID-19 with around 230 signatories in over 150 countries. The press release for the launch can be found in English, Spanish, and French here: https://idiaspora.org/news/global-diaspora-coalition-message-solidarity-victims-covid-19-related-xenophobia-discrimination. The statement along with all the signatory organizations can be found here: https://idiaspora.org/joint-statement-solidarity-those-facing-xenophobia-due-covid-19-0.

As you may recall, the joint statement was one of the concrete follow up actions to our discussions during the first Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange on 22 April. If you'd like to learn more about the follow up actions discussed during this event please see the outcome document which can be found here: https://idiaspora.org/resources/overview-and-outcomes-global-diaspora-virtual-exchange-22-april-2020?v=colorbox. The final document compiling the inputs from all three Global Exchange events is forthcoming.

In turn, as follow up to this initiative the signatories of the joint statement will convene to form a Global Diaspora Coalition of likeminded diaspora organizations committed to working together to address the challenges arising from the current situation. The first virtual meeting of the Coalition will be organized on 8 July at 16.00 (GMT+2). All signatories and other interested organizations are welcome to take part in this formative meeting to decide the structure and priorities of the Coalition. To sign up to attend this meeting please click here: https://idiaspora.org/event-calendar/first-meeting-global-diaspora-coalition-combating-covid-19.

We look forward to working together with you all to continue this cooperation and collaboration to support our communities during this difficult times.


Warm regards,

The iDiaspora Team


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