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Dear Anonymous,


We know there is nothing worse than being far away from your friends and family when a disaster strikes. It may be difficult to find information about what is really going on on the ground and sometimes we are frustrated because we want to help but we don’t know how. To try and help our community deal with these situations, we’ve built a new page into iDiaspora to help respond to emergency situations.


iDiaspora’s new Emergency Response page can be found here: https://idiaspora.org/emergency-response. It leverages the International Organization for Migration’s presence and engagement in providing humanitarian assistance to crisis affected communities around the world to bring you up to date information and opportunities to support assistance efforts.


Currently, the Emergency Response page includes information on the response to Cyclone Idai which has affected communities in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe recognizing the immediate and emerging needs there. However, we will be integrating information and opportunities from other ongoing and unfolding crisis around the world. As such we encourage you to have a look at the new page and keep abreast of how you can contribute to assisting some of the most vulnerable around the world. We will also let you know when we open new sections on other crises happening around the world.


As always, we also invite you to share your information and opportunities to assist on the new page. When adding a news item, here: https://idiaspora.org/node/add/news, or an opportunity, here: https://idiaspora.org/node/add/vacancy, on the platform, you’ll find a new field at the top labelled ‘Emergency Response’ where you can indicate to which emergency the content is related, where applicable.


Thank you again for being part of the iDiaspora community.



Warm regards,


The iDiaspora Team

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