A Meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Diasporas, Development and Migration (APPG DDM)

Committee Room 11 Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament, 4-5 pm 26 February 2018


The APPG DDM aims to promote parliamentary and public understanding of the key issues affecting diaspora communities in the UK, and to expand and enhance their contributions to the international development agenda.

The APPG DDM is holding its first meeting of the 2017-2018 schedule to consider diaspora and migrant perspectives from the UK on the Global Compact on Migration (GCM). Worldwide consultations on this Global Compact on Migration are underway, and the recommendations and outcomes of the APPG DDM meeting will be turned into a summary report and formally submitted as part of this consultation.

The keynote speaker at the meeting will be Gervais Appave, Special Advisor to the IOM Director General, who will introduce the GCM, and the meeting chair will be Jeremy Lefroy MP. Other speakers will include representatives of African, Asian, and Latin American diaspora and migrant organizations involved in development and humanitarian response.

The APPG DDM invites all those concerned with migration and development issues, in particular on the role of diasporas in supporting development, to provide short written or video submissions on issues raised by the GCM prior to the meeting but no later than 17.00 GMT on 01 February 2018.

Guiding questions for submissions to this APPG meeting and GCM consultation:

  • How can diaspora and migrant communities maintain and increase their contributions to development?
  • What policies can be implemented at a local level to enable diaspora and migrant contributions to have greater impact, and that encourages greater inclusion and integration?
  • What national policies can be introduced to: reduce the costs of remittances; improve the portability of entitlements and earned benefits (e.g. pensions)?
  • What role can the diaspora play in facilitating legal migration to avoid situations of vulnerability?
  • How can the UK government support diaspora humanitarian response better?

Submissions will be used to inform the APPG discussion and subsequent outcome report.


Dorin Dusciac, Director of Association of Migrants Integration in France
Kathleen Newland, Senior Fellow and Co-Founder of the Migration Policy Institute
Louise Arbour, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for International Migration
https://together.un.orgMigAppGlobal Compact for Migrationhttps://sustainabledevelopment.un.org