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EUDiF Flyer

Flyer with information regarding the European Union Global Diaspora Facility ...Read more

Comment les intégrer les diasporas aux réponses à la pandémie?

Compte-rendu visuel de l'échange global et virtuel de la diaspora sur la réponse au COVID-19 organisé par l'OIM le 20 mai 2020. ...Read more

Overview and Outcomes of Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange 22 April 2020

The brief report outlines the main interventions from panelists and participants as well as some of the best practices identified and potential next steps proposed during the first Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange on Response to COVID-19 organised...Read more

Join the African Covid 19 movement

An open invitation by AU-CDC Africa Covid-19 Youth Consultation Series in session. You are cordially invited 🙏   ...Read more

COVID19: Guide to Include Marginalized and Vulnerable People in Risk Communication and Community Engagement

This guide seeks to address the following questions:...Read more
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