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Politique Nationale de la Diaspora de la Republique du Burundi

La Politique Nationale de la Diaspora entend créer les condictions les plus favorables pour renforcer les liens et le dialogue entre le Gouvernement de la Républic du Burundi et la diaspora burundaise (les Burundais établis à l'étranger ainsi que ...Read more

Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination (DEMAC) - Update on 2017 Progress

43 diaspora organisations supported by the DEMAC initiative showed their intention to be full participants in enhanced humanitarian response by creating and signing up to 17 joint diaspora commitments as part of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS)...Read more

Law for Diaspora - Albania

The object of this law is to define the rules for: a) The competencies of the state authorities responsible for relations with the Diaspora; b) The method of maintaining, strengthening and realizing diaspora links with the country of origin; c) Th...Read more

1. Global Shelter Cluster – Free online shelter training:

This course describes the basics of why shelter programming is an important component of humanitarian response both in natural disasters and conflict....Read more

USAID/OFDA Shelter and Settlements Training Course

This course introduces the basics of humanitarian community shelter and settlements (S&S) activities, including some history and trends related to the sector, best practices in assessments and programming strategy, basic shelter responses, the...Read more
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