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Migration for Development in the Horn of Africa: Health expertise from the Somali diaspora in Finland

This book aims to capture the context in Finland and Somalia which has led to the development and the implementation of the very first MIDA project for Somalia....Read more

The MIDA Experience and Beyond

Over the past ten years IOM’s experience in ac­companying governments through programmes, initiatives, studies and nu­merous conferences con­cerning Migration for De­velopment in Africa (MIDA) and similar initiatives in Latin America and the Car­i...Read more

Etude sur la contribution des Marocains Résidant à l’Etranger au développement économique et social du Maroc

A very indepth study of the Moroccan diaspora in multiple countries from all around the world with some information on the evolution of these populations over time. Various issues are discussed. ...Read more

Exploring the Link between Moldovan Communities Abroad (MCA) and Moldova

The goal of the project is to assist the authorities in Moldova to formulate a series of policies that will strengthen the ties between migrants and their homeland....Read more

Living Across Worlds: Diaspora, Development and Transnational Engagement

This is a collection of research papers, directed by Ninna Nyberg Sorensen....Read more
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