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Feasibility Study on Private Investment Fund for Diaspora Investors

This study explores the possibility of establishing a diaspora-targeted Investment Fund for investment opportunities in the private sector of Kosovo....Read more

International Dialogue on Migration N°22 - Diasporas and Development: Bridging Societies and States

This first IOM high-level dialogue on diasporas was an experiment....Read more

Migration and Development within the South: New Evidence from African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries

"The report speaks on labour mobility; the impact of South–South migration on development; diaspora and remittances; internal migration and displacement; and irregular and return migration, as well as some cross-cutting themes such as human rights...Read more

Moldova Diaspora Mapping Series II, Mapping of the Moldovan Diaspora in Italy, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom

This study researches the social-economic profile of Moldovan citizens temporarily or permanently staying abroad, persons originating from the Republic of Moldova and their descendants, as well as their communities, in order to help the Moldovan G...Read more

NIGERIAN DIASPORAS IN THE SOUTH: Harnessing the potential for national development

​The study aims to interrogate the interrelationships between South–South migration and development on how to effectively integrate this form of human mobility into national and regional development plans and poverty reduction challenges in Nigeri...Read more
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