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Untapped potential: Engaging Basotho diasporas in the South for national development

The report was prepared by Lulessa Abadura, Brigitte Fahrenhorst and Frank Zelazny from EcoDevelopment ‐ Society for International Development Research and Planning Ltd....Read more

Harnessing Knowledge on the Migration of Highly Skilled Women

This summary report of an expert meeting between IOM and the OECD Development Centre, organized in April 2014, aims to promote greater dialogue with and raise awareness among key researchers....Read more

Feasibility Study on Diaspora Investments on Economic Zones

The objective of this research project was to conduct a feasibility study on attracting diaspora investors by offering to them investment opportunities on economic zones....Read more

Facilitating Diaspora Investment in Kosovo: Assemsnet and Mapping of Innovative Strategies at Central and Local Level

Although no official data exists on the level of diaspora investments in Kosovo it is considered that their engagement is low given their potential and willingness to invest and save....Read more

Feasibility Study on Diaspora Investment on Municipal Bonds

The objective of this exploratory research project was to evaluate and study the feasibility of offering municipal bonds to the Kosovar diaspora....Read more
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