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Dear everyone,


Having shared our experience on combating hate incidents and xenophobia at the Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange yesterday, we are initiating our global Combat Prejudice Campaign. The campaign aims to bring together as many supportive organisations as possible to send out a joint statement to the world that we are standing by all diaspora communities who are experiencing hatred at the moment. Not only we are sending out our message to protect each other, but also the love and care diaspora communities have given and received in their own regions.


As discussed at our conference, I proposed a two fold reassuring approach: reassurance by contributing and reassurance by protecting. It is working at our end and I hope the campaign can also further share this approach to reduce prejudice across the world.


Our invitation for support will go out soon. Meanwhile, please feel free to get in touch with us and thank you again for all your kindness and support to all races.


Please take care and keep safe.


Best wishes,





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