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Project Development Manual for Migrants’ Association”

IOM Italy
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Manuals and Training materials
Diaspora and Social Change

The “Project Development Manual for Migrants’ Association” systematizes the experience that IOM Italy has gained over the years in the organization of the A.MI.CO. – Migration Associations for Co-Development - training courses, developing a specific model explicitly tailored on the needs and specificities of the associations in question. The volume is a collection of theoretical knowledge and practical tools for the design and implementation of co-development projects aimed at building the capacities of the associations and support them in the process of becoming transnational development agents.

The manual is divided into the following modules:

  • Module 1 – How to develop a project
  • Module 2 – The budget: quantifying the project cost and managing the financial resources
  • Module 3 –  With whom should I join forces to achieve change? Building the partnership
  • Module 4 – Implementing the project
  • Module 5 – Communicating the project: why it is important and how you should proceed
  • Module 6 – Evaluation: an opportunity for improvement
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