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Doing Business- Practical Guide for migrant entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship by Diaspora for Development

The handbook Doing Business- Practical Guide for migrant entrepreneurs, is a guide thought as a tool to offer basic principles to those who want to set up a business, in Italy or in their countries of origin. The handbook is the result of IOM activities in support of migrant entrepreneurship which aim at enhancing the benefits arising from the circulation of people and knowledge. 
Such benefits are mirrored in an inclusive multicultural enterprise that leverages diversity as an opportunity for growth and to open up to new markets. The handbook presents theoretical lessons and practical examples to learn the basics of business management and it is structured as follows:

  • Module 1- Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Module 2- Elements of marketing
  • Module 3- How to develop a business plan
  • Module 4- Access to credit   
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