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With numerous countries experiencing protracted humanitarian crises–whether natural or man-made crises -the humanitarian community is compelled to come up with new and innovative ways to meet the growing needs of affected populations around the world. At the same time, the number and variety of humanitarian actors has proliferated in the last few years, challenging the humanitarian community to reach out and recognize the unique contributions each kind of actor can bring to the table. Calls to engage the diaspora in humanitarian action are grounded in this shifting humanitarian context, where humanitarians are looking to involve a multitude of stakeholders for a more sustainable and effective response. This site aims to facilitate the significant role transnational communities can play in crisis and post-crisis contexts by providing information about and opportunities to assist in these critical situations.

Current emergencies:

Ongoing Conflict in Yemen

Yemen is facing the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with 80% of the population in need of humanitarian protection or assistance.
Affected countries: Yemen

Recovery after years of conflict in Iraq

Iraq has been embroiled in conflict and violence for 14 years, most recently in the fight against the Islamic State. Right now, over 3 million people are internally displaced within the country, many of whom have experienced great loss – family and friends killed, homes destroyed, left without li
Affected countries: Iraq

Cyclone Idai

Cyclone ldai, a category-4 cyclone made landfall near Beira City, Sofala Province in central Mozambique on 14th March 20 19, bringing with it extreme winds of up to 224km/h, torrential rains and flash floods.
Affected countries: Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe
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