Emira Ajeti

Board Member


"Diaspora engagement has become a growth industry in the region where I come from, due to the developmental and policy needs of the Balkan countries. That said, I believe that IDiaspora can add a lot of value, as a much-needed communicative platform for diasporas to engage globally, share top-class content, share best practice and enhance private sector engagement."


Ms. Ajeti is a dynamic leader with over ten years of experience in project management, private sector development, as well as policy and strategy development. She has interacted intensively with the private sector, national and local government in Kosovo, Balkan diaspora networks, international donors, including European Commission (EC), and IFIs – especially throughout her work at the MEF, where she successfully concluded Kosovo’s membership to the IMF and World Bank in June 2009.

She holds an MBA and has developed and managed over 18 projects of different sizes, including donor funded projects. Some of the projects demonstrating her strong management background are: a $1.1 million LEAP in Kosovo, financed by Sida, a EUR 129,800 Feasibility Study for e-governance and IT investments financed by the World Bank, a EUR 300,000 Economic Development project financed by the European Commission. She has also developed and managed a great deal of projects and increased the client base by 50 % in her role as a Director of Consulting Practice at Novus.

Currently, she serves as the markets and export manager at the $ 13.9 million USAID EMPOWER Private Sector project in Kosovo, where she identifies sales agents for export products and connects Kosovo businesses with new markets. The project has thus far created 4480 jobs for Kosovars.

Apart from English, she speaks both Albanian and Bosnian, her native languages, and most of the Slavic Languages, as well as Turkish and Spanish.


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