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iDIASPORA invites its members to connect and collaborate across the globe and across transnational communities in order to learn from each other and work together to create sustainable positive change in their places of residence and origin. Using the filters you can find community members with whom you share common areas of work be it geographic or thematic fields of interest. We are constantly working on refining and improving these functionalities so stay tune for new developments.

Brendan Tarnay
Program Support Officer, International Organization for Migration
Dr. Charles Senessie
Medical Doctor, Afro-European Medical and Research Network (AEMRN)
Farai Madziwanyika
African Coordinator, ZimThrive
Bisi Adebayo
Akua Darko
Technical Support Unit ( Migration and Development), IOM Ghana
Isma Stanic
Master in Social Studies, Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Biljana Simeonova
Project manager, IOM
Hakeem Gibril
Medicinal Chemist
Masako Ueda
IOM staff , IOM Sudan
Lead Programme Evaluator, Global Health Mentorship (GHMe). Post doc Fellow
PR , KEIHAN Foundation
Aminomor Philip
Operatore/mediatore interculturale, FONDAZIONE EMMANUEL
osama salem
Yolanda Tsuda
Professor, Kobe College
Jaime Garcia
Carolyne Tumuhimbise
Leroy Wilson Jr.
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