iDIASPORA invites its members to connect and collaborate across the globe and across transnational communities in order to learn from each other and work together to create sustainable positive change in their places of residence and origin. Using the filters you can find community members with whom you share common areas of work be it geographic or thematic fields of interest. We are constantly working on refining and improving these functionalities so stay tune for new developments.

Valeria Falaschi
Program Manager, IOM
Victoria Shitu
Research Scholar, Ambedkar University, New Delhi
Victoria Shitu
Research Scholar, Ambedkar University, New Delhi
Rachel Elorriaga
delegue medical
Dood Lette
Careers Adviser, Compass Support (Pioneer Group)
Francisco Alcala Torreslanda
Documentary Photographer/Philanthropist, HOME Storytellers
Roberta Romano
International development worker, International Organization for MIgration
Nasra S Ahmed
M&E Consultant , IOM
Simbarashe Juru
Diaspora Consultant, Zimbolink. (Pvt)! MTR
Faouzi Metouilli
President, AMDT
Amadu Massally
COO, Technology for Development
Tamba Lamin
IT, T4D Corp
Lamine Abbad
Program officer, UCLG
Jorge Zapata
Student, Universität Hamburg
Zainab Jalloh Conteh
Midwife, We Give All To Combat Hepatitis
Ousmane Niang
Migrations Senior Regional Programme Manager, RLS
Margaret John
Midwife , Hospital
Nihal Akl
Programme Assistant
Stephanie Moraille
Diaspora Liaison Program Officer , American Red Cross MigApp