iDIASPORA invites its members to connect and collaborate across the globe and across transnational communities in order to learn from each other and work together to create sustainable positive change in their places of residence and origin. Using the filters you can find community members with whom you share common areas of work be it geographic or thematic fields of interest. We are constantly working on refining and improving these functionalities so stay tune for new developments.

Claude Jr Coq
Sam Adin
Biljana Marković
Executive Director
Michaella Vanore
Researcher , Maastricht University
nyobe lipot likinyock bapooh paul laurent
Martin Russell
Jacky Poteau
Operations Manager, Haiti Development Institute
DEMAC - Diaspora Emergency Action and Coordination
Odette Bolly
Labour and Human Development Officer, IOM Burundi
Matthew Leonard
Pamela Santos
Chuzi Eme
Sidratu Koroma
Governance and HR Consultant , Positive Change HR Consulting Services in Sierra Leone
Mohamed Kunowah Tinu Xumarie Kiellow
Natasha Venables
Masters Student, ICU
Melek Pulatkonak
Founder of Turkish Women's International Network
Harish Kumar
Sofía Cortés
Daniele Panzeri
M&D Unit Coordinator, IOM Rome MigApp