iDIASPORA invites its members to connect and collaborate across the globe and across transnational communities in order to learn from each other and work together to create sustainable positive change in their places of residence and origin. Using the filters you can find community members with whom you share common areas of work be it geographic or thematic fields of interest. We are constantly working on refining and improving these functionalities so stay tune for new developments.

James Watson
Sofia C
François lau
Ermal Nazifi
Aditya Jindal
Director, Sikorsky International Consultants Private Limited
James Isaacs
Janet Chapman
Campaigns Manager, Tanzania Development Trust
Said Talbi
Spokeperson and Representative of Tunisian Diaspora, Not for profit association: "Migrants Unity in Italy" - Unita' Migranti in Italia ONLUS
Grazia Mazza
jibril ismail
Christopher Tuffour
National Service Personnel, Electricity Company of Ghana Limited.
Dr Fatai Badmus
Co-Founder and CEO, Black Business Champions
Nevin Kamath
Doreen Bieri
Nurse, Spitex Region Köniz
Harold Lewis
Sahro Ahmed Koshin
Consultant , PWWA
Kunikazu Akao
Project Coordinator, IOM Sierra Leone
Sia Kondeh
Diaspora Engagement, IOM UK
Alexandra Tsiouma
Student, Univesrity of Peloponese
Roberta Romano
Migration Policy Assistant, International Organization for Migration