iDIASPORA invites its members to connect and collaborate across the globe and across transnational communities in order to learn from each other and work together to create sustainable positive change in their places of residence and origin. Using the filters you can find community members with whom you share common areas of work be it geographic or thematic fields of interest. We are constantly working on refining and improving these functionalities so stay tune for new developments.

ishaq Afridi
Software Engineer, Lifelongusa
Asier Ansorena
Super Crack Academy.
Kumbale Goode
Grants Manager
HEAL Haiti
Albert Dodoo
Business Man
Abelneh Teka
Software Design Engineer, ASML
Behailu shiferaw degefu
Albert Dodoo
Sales Mentor
Bashair Ahmed
, Shabaka
Haimanot Belay
Self employed
MEDx eHealthCenter
Ernest Nsooya Akurgo
Public health expert
Charles Peprah
Civil Engineer, Boal Extrusion
Ebisa Negeri
Cloud Data Solution Architect, Microsoft
Lady Afrifa
Seife Asnake
GI Analyst
Malisca Nyamekye
Catering assistent , Tastes From The Lowlands
Tracy Wilson
Henock Asfaw
Entrepreneur, LGO construction MigApp