I.     General Information

Name and Address of host institution

Federal Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Housing, Mogadishu, Somalia

Name and email address of focal point in host institution

Mr Abdullaahi Mohamed Maalim (Farimos)

Phone Number:  +252 619115000                     Email: sa-farimos@mpwr.gov.so

Background information about host institution

The Ministry of Public Works Reconstruction and Housing (MPWRH) is a Federal Government Agency responsible for the planning and delivery of infrastructure such as roads and buildings in addition to policy and the delivery of programmes in regional planning and housing.

However, the Ministry has only recently been reformed after more than 20 years of conflict and the Ministry is still finding its place in a new Federal System of Government which now includes State Governments. Its organisational and technical capacity is low but in recovery.

Ministry website

Facebook page

II.      Position Information

Organizational unit/ Department

The position is located within the Project Management Team of the Ministry, a team established to coordinate donor projects.

Duration of assignment (max 3 months)

The duration of the assignment is 3 months beginning around late March 2018.

III.     Objectives of Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to produce media and public relations material that will showcase the achievements of the Federal and State Ministries of Public Works (including Public Works Departments in the Banadir Regional Administration), the work activities being undertaken to develop the organisational and technical capacity of these Ministries (including BRA), and the experiences in delivering a youth training package in construction related activities that will build the capacity of the construction sector.

An objective of this assignment is also to develop the technical capacity within the Federal and State Ministries of Public Works in using communication technology for public relations and media.

IV.    Responsibilities and accountabilities

Main tasks include:

  • Produce edited videos, media and other material in English and Somali that convey stories and information on:
    • The work environment and current organisational capacity of the Ministries of Public Works and in particular, the MPWRH;
    • Building capacity activities such as training, the engagement of interns and apprentices etc in and with the Ministries of Public Works;
    • Other activities carried out by the Ministries of Public Works;
    • The delivery of a youth training package overseen by the MPWRH.
  • Inspire and train the staff in the Ministries of Public Works on how to use and apply communication technology, such as video editing, photography editing, video conferencing, internet applications such as flickr, radio and other forms of media, relevant software packages, webpages etc.
  • Develop networks and linkages with the media in Somalia that can be used to spread public relations and media about the Ministries of Public Works and the youth training programme.
  • Provide advice on software and other communication technology that the Ministries of Public Works should procure and use.
  • Provide advice on the development of a Communication Strategy for the MPWRH.


The Communication Technical Expert will run training and workshop sessions with Ministry Staff to develop their technical capacities in the use of communication technology.


The CD4D participant is expected to demonstrate the following competencies:


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, particularly in the Somali context.
  • Ability to perform with professionalism, integrity and commitment to project demands.
  • Resilient to the complex demands for working in a challenging workplace environment.


  • Excellent technical skills and demonstrated experience in using and applying communication technology such as video editing, video teleconferencing etc.

VIII.   Education and Experience

  • 5 years or more experience in media and public relations.
  • Technical or University qualifications related to use of Communication Technology.

IX.    Language requirements

  • Written and verbal fluency in both English and Somali.
Country of Opportunity: 
Closing Date: 
Mar 07, 2018