iDiaspora's Journey Toward its Official Launch on 8 October


Transnational communities, diasporas, expatriates, migrants — no matter what labels apply, individuals living away from the places they call home have historically driven social and economic change around the globe. Over the last decade, development actors and governments have increasingly recognized and promoted the important role played by diaspora communities, which has already been augmented and facilitated by exponential evolution of communication technologies.


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All of us that have lived any length of time away from places, friends and family that we grew up with know that transnational lives are not easy but they are powerful. They are powerful both for the individual by creating opportunities to take the best of both cultures and societies and powerful as bridges between those societies. Here at IOM we want to help diasporas to be agents for change in both societies of origin and destination by providing iDiaspora as a global online platform which can equip them with the tools they need. MigApp