I.  General Information

Name of host institution

Kabul Medical University(KMU)

Address of host institution

Jamal Mina 3rd district Kabul- Afghanistan

Name and email address of focal point in host institution

Dr Zubaida Anwari Zhwak


Background information about host institution

KMU is a public university. For more information visit our website.

II. Position Information

Organizational unit/ Department


Duration of assignment

To be determined by the host institution

III. Objectives of Assignment

The consultancy service to be provided under this ToR will result in:

  1. Improved students and clear understanding of the gaps, challenges, and how development skills can best engage.
  2. Effective contribution towards the progress for increased new learner and effective regulations in sustainable processes and technologies.

IV. Responsibilities and Accountability

Main tasks including:

  1. Attend and prepare academic sessions and conference related to biochemistry curricula
  2. Provide Training for junior lecturer applying new methodology and training them using advanced teaching technology such E- learning
  3. Teach metabolism and basic biochemistry for Allied health and medical technology students.
  4. Teach Haematology in medical technology

V.  Competencies

The resource person is expected to demonstrate the following competencies:


  • Specialization in biochemistry
  • Knowledge of haematology / medical technology
  • Ability to provide training for junior lecturers



  • Accepts and gives constructive criticism
  • Follows all relevant procedures, processes, and policies
  • Meets deadline, cost, and quality requirements for outputs
  • Monitors own work to correct errors
  • Takes responsibility for meeting commitments and for any shortcoming

Client Orientation

  • Identifies the immediate and peripheral clients of own work
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with clients
  • Identifies and monitors changes in the needs of clients, including donors,

Governments, and Project Beneficiaries

  • Contributes to colleagues’ learning
  • Demonstrates interest in improving relevant skills
  • Demonstrates interest in acquiring skills relevant to other functional areas
  • Keeps abreast of developments in own professional area


  • Actively shares relevant information
  • Clearly communicates, and effectively, adapting wording and style to the intended
  • Procedures
  • Writes clearly and effectively. adapting wording and style to the intended
  • audience
  • Listens effectively and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience
  • Creativity and initiative
  • Proactively develops new ways to resolve problems

Leadership and Negotiation

  • Convenes others to share resources
  • Presents goals as shared interests

Performance Management

  • Provides constructive feedback to colleagues

Planning and Organizing

  • Sets clear and achievable goals consistent with agreed priorities for self
  • Organizes and documents work to allow for planned and unplanned handovers
  • Identifies risks and makes contingency plans


  • Masters subject matter related to responsibilities
  • Identifies issues, opportunities, and risks central to responsibilities
  • Incorporates gender- related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and

Promotes equal gender participation

  • Persistent, calm, and polite in the face of challenges and stress
  • Treats all colleagues with respect and dignity


  • Actively contributes to an effective, collegial, and agreeable team


  • Contributes to, and follows team objectives
  • Gives credit where credit is due
  • Seeks input and feedback from others
  • Delegates tasks and responsibilities as appropriate
  • Actively supports and implements final group decisions
  • Takes joints responsibility for team’s work

Technological awareness

  • Learns about developments in available technology
  • Proactively identifies and advocates for cost-efficient technology solutions

VI.  Education and Experience

Medical degree and 10 years’ experience teaching in biochemistry and/or medical technology

Proven ability to teach and prepare young doctors

Excellent technical skills both for qualitative and quantitative learning purposes.

VII.  Languages

Languages:                                    Proficiency:

Dari                                                                 Excellent

Pashto                                                             Excellent

English                                                            Excellent

Country of Opportunity: 
Closing Date: 
Oct 30, 2017